EMCARE™ is the ideal media:


  • MOPS buffer provides a more stable micro-environment than old commercial buffers
  • Natural New Zealand-sourced, irradiated albumin cleans, protects and provides energy for the embryo
  • Sterile filtered
  • Subjected to extensive quality assurance procedures


  • Ready to go - packaged in field-ready convenient packaging options
  • Easy to use - flushing assembly hook-up
  • No additional filtration is necessary
  • Contains antibiotic
  • Water quality and ionic strength accurately controlled to stringent international standards

Designed for specialist veterinarians and animal reproduction researchers in the embryo transfer (ET) industry, EMCARE™ media provides ideal conditions for flushing, handling, freezing and thawing embryos.

Its optimized nutritional composition enhances embryo development and a MOPS buffer (inert zwitterion) provides a more stable micro-environment. This is because a MOPS buffered media is less toxic than both HEPES or Phosphate based media. Trials have shown that nearly 20% more embryos in a MOPS buffered media will develop to a cleavage stage than either HEPES or Phosphate buffered media.

EMCARE™ pre-mixed, ready-to-use media saves time and guarantees consistent quality.

For the most natural and protective surfactant and energy source, the flushing and handling media also contains New Zealand-origin ICPbio bovine albumin. This is virus-screened and irradiated to 2.5Mrads to ensure a safe, natural embryo protective agent.

All products contain 25mg/L kanamycin sulphate antibiotic.

EMCARE™ Product Sheet (PDF)