EMCARE™ Complete Ultra

EMCARE™ provides optimal support for safe embryo handling with effective flushing and handling media developed by the world's leading embryo physiologists.

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OVAGEN™ is a proven partner in superovulation and embryo transfer programs, enhancing the rate of genetic gain in animal breeding.

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Welcome to ICPbio Reproduction

ICPbio Reproduction manufactures a full line of embryo-friendly media for the embryo transfer market. Our EMCARE™ product line includes products for flushing, handling, freezing and thawing animal embryos. The patented MOPS buffer (inert zwitterion) offers a stable micro-environment. New Zealand-origin bovine albumin provides a natural and protective surfactant and energy source in the complete flushing and handling media. EMCARE™ BioFree Flushing Solution and EMCARE™ Flushing Solution are options when bovine albumin is not desired.

Designed for specialist veterinarians and animal reproduction researchers in the embryo transfer industry, EMCARE™ media provides ideal conditions for flushing, handling, freezing and thawing embryos.

ICPbio Reproduction carries out all manufacturing activities in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facilities.

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